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KSRTC introduces dynamic fare system

KSRTC is operating premium services on high density routes. These services are facing stiff competition from the services of private operators. Of late, private operators are varying their fares based on peak / slack traffic days and seat occupancy. Like airlines, KSRTC has decided to introduce Dynamic (gradient) fare structure on trial basis for 3 months.
Some of the features: •    For advance booking through AWATAR, fare will be charged based on (i) vacant seats and (ii) advance booking duration.
•    Passenger booking tickets well in advance can get a discount of up to 20%.
•    For walk-in passengers, fare slab will be same as the last ticket booked in advance booking. For example, if last ticket is booked at 80%, the same fare slab (i.e. 80% which is less than the normal) will be fixed for all walk-in passengers and vice-versa.
•    This scheme will be implemented in Bengaluru to Pune, Mumbai, Shirdi and Panaji services (24 services in Airavat Club Class, Airavat Diamond Class and AC Sleeper classes).
•    There will be no changes in Return journey discount and group booking discount.
•    This fare structure will be reviewed based on service occupancy and passenger feedback. Passengers are requested to send their feedback to [email protected].

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