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On Plastics: Refuse, Reuse and Recycle !

city kemp RamdasOn Valentines’ Day, the campaign to stop using plastic bags starts officially.  In the last few weeks, BBMP has launched vigorous campaigns to explain to the general public the evils of using non-recyclable plastic bags and the enormous environmental damage this causes, as these bags get easily torn and discarded as a result.
In fact, in the recent meeting that was held in the Koramangala Club, BBMP officials and many others highlighted the need to switch over to cotton or jute bags and refuse to accept these plastic bags when goods are purchased from shops and vendors.
In fact, every responsible citizen must contribute in this gigantic effort to eliminate use of these non-recyclable plastic bags, and carry with them cotton or jute bags.  Once carrying a cotton or jute bag from home becomes a habit, it would ensure our refusal to accept plastic bags.
To digress for a moment,  when we are sick and visit a doctor for a check up, chances are that we may be told about “good”  and “bad” cholesterol! However, in dealing with plastics, only the recyclable type can be used, provided this is done!.  The only other plastic which we have now become very addicted to is the “credit” that we get; over-indulgence of this “plastic” is just as bad!
Now that the campaign to eliminate reckless use of plastic bags, and replacing them with personal cotton or jute or even paper bags has been launched, it needs the support of the public. It would be nice and responsible if garment factories, who specialize in making bags, can now launch their sales campaign to make and supply these bags at competitive prices to all grocery stores,  supermarkets, kirana shop keepers so that they also make efforts to eliminate these non recyclable plastic bags.
In fact, many enlightened grocery shop keepers now a days offer a discount on the MRP (maximum retail price) to their customers.  It would be a good marketing move for them to give cotton or jute bags (as these last for a longer time than paper bags) to their regular customers – if necessary by a modified discount structure  so that this campaign bears fruit.
-Dr A K Ramdas,
Koramangala 6th Block

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