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Nadasurabhi’s Vocal concert on Jan 17

ShertallaickNadasurabhi is organising a grand Vocal concert on Sunday (January 17) at 4.15 pm at the Indian Heritage Academy Hall, Near Police Station,  in 6th Block, Koramangala.
The concert will be presented by Dr Shertallay K N Renganatha Sharma – Vocal. He will be accompanied by Vidwan B Vittal Rangan -Violin, Prof V Krishna – Mridangam, and Vidushi Sukanya Ramgopal-Ghatam.
Dr Shertallay KN Renganatha Sharma is a in Carnatic Music and currently Associate Professor in the College of Music, under Madurai Kamaraj University. He is an A-top Grade Artist of All India Radio and Doordarshan. Dr. Sharma is an extremely popular vocalist and is featured during the Music Season of Madras Music Academy in a senior slot for nearly a decade. He is well known for his powerful flawless voice and deep knowledge of the science and art of Carnatic Music.
Vittal Rangan is a disciple of Kum. Kanyakumari and a highly talented violinist. Veteran percussionists Prof Krishna and Sukanya Ramgopal will be accompanying Dr Renganatha Sharma. It must be mentioned that Sukanya Ramgopal recently received the prestigious Central Sangeet Natak Academy Award. She is the first lady percussionist to have ever received the award.

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