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Karnataka to become a power surplus state by June

thermal2The newly built 3rd unit of the Bellary Thermal Power Plant (BTPS) has started production. In it’s initial testing phase, it has started delivering 100 MW which will ramp up to 700 MW in the next 2 months. With this the BTPS plant will have a total capacity of 1700 MW.
Karnataka’s Energy Department’s main focus is to finish the new thermal and solar projects and add 2000 MW to the grid by June 2016. This will make Karnataka a power surplus state.
Beginning this month, one by one, new thermal power stations in Bellary, Raichur and Bijapur will start supplying power to Karnataka’s electricity grid.
lBellary Thermal Power Plant – Unit 3 – 700 MW
lYermarus Thermal Power Plant – Unit 1 – 800 MW
l Yermarus Thermal Power Plant – Unit 2 – 800 MW
lKudgi Thermal Power Plant – Unit 1 – 800 MW
Total installed capacity will be 3100 MW. It will take some time for them to produce at peak capacity. But by June 2016, they would be supplying at-least 2000 MW.
Also, by June, some solar projects also will be completed and will add even more electricity to Karnataka’s grid.

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