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Residents get lessons on garbage segregation

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Last Sunday, the Koramangala 6th Block Residents’ Welfare Association headed by its President Jayaramu had organised a meeting of residents to discuss the issue of segregation of garbage (wet, dry and sanitary) and the collection procedure by BBMP, at the Cartman Park.
Corporator M Chandrappa, BBMP Executive Engineer Srinivas, Assistant Executive Engineer, Assistant Engineer Rajesh and others who were present told the residents the need for segregation and the recent High Court order of 2 bins (Red and Green) and 1 bag where the resident will have to segregate the garbage generated at their respective homes and hand it over to the pourakarmikas who come in the morning times. While the dry waste kept in bags will be collected once or twice in a week. 4th Block resident and civic activist Sheela Ladha explained about segregation and composting to the residents. “I am composting all the wet waste generated at my home for the past many years, why not you,” she asked the residents.
Many of the residents were unhappy and pointed out that the BBMP men coming to collect the garbage should come daily and in a specified time. Also they demanded the entrance of the 17th D Main road beside the Koramangala Club which is in a very sorry state as it is the garbage collecting point, must be shifted elsewhere. The Corporator & officials present promised to do so.
Residents alleged that the nearby restaurants and commercial establishments are the culprints who illegally dump garbage there.
Also they demanded to take action against all illegaly restaurants that have come up nearby and put an end to this menace.

*All garbage generators, including individual homes, should segregate waste they generate into three parts – hazardous, biodegradable wet waste and dry waste.
*There is a strict ban on the use of plastic in garbage segregation.
*Each household will have to keep two bins – one red and one green, in addition to a bag, made of some recyclable material, for the dry waste.
*Red bin is for: Hazardous waste includes diapers, razors, syringes, napkins, medicine wrappers, condoms etc.
*Green bin is for: Kitchen waste, greens and others.
*Bag is for: Cardboards, plastics, bottles and other recyclables.

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