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It’s Christmas time again

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Like every year Mrs Savant, an octogenerian and a resident of Koramangala 4th Block will celebrate Christmas and New Year at Swabhimana Park with children and residents from various blocks of Koramangala.
This year, the party was held on Friday evening where many children had assembled at the park and it was nice to see Mrs Savant distributing sweets and gifts to the little ones.
Recalling back to 1980s, Savant along with Mrs Sarswathi Venkataraman, Rami Reddy, and many others from all the blocks of Koramangala were instrumental for various activities connected to community service. While Rami Reddy was on door-to-door garbage collection, Sarsawati and Savant were concentrating on the Swabhimana Park.  Then Sarswathi Venkataraman, an expert in horticulture was instrumental in turning an abandoned park space into a most beautiful park.
In fact the Swabhimana Park was adjudged as the most beautiful in the second category of BBMP parks.
Also this was the only park where a fountain had been installed. It was nice to see Savant sitting in the park every evening accepting small voluntary donations given by the residents to maintain the park.
The park was maintained by the members of Swabhimana 4th Block Initiative all along till it was taken over by the BBMP few years ago. Since then the Koramangala 4th Block Residents’ Welfare Association is coordinating with BBMP for the upkeep of the park.
This is the finest example of residents coming together for the betterment of community services in the locality.

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