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Lovedale – picture postcard hamlet !

Lovedale valley's picturesque church city kemp Morning is breaking at Lovedale. city kempThis little town is situated at one of the highest places in the Nilgiri range of mountains. Inhabited by a population of about 1000 people; and contributed equally by another 1000 are added by the 150 year old residential famous school – The Lawrence School.
This famous school established on 6th September 1858 was founded by Major General Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence and occupies about 750 acres at 7200 feet altitude (second highest peak of Nilgiris range). Lawrence school has seen celebrities pass through its corridors – politicians, actors, social activists and soon. The waiting list is long and tough to get in. Lawrence did find three other schools… one at Sanawar in 1847, the other at Mt. Abu in 1856 and finally one in 1860  at Ghora Gali Murree – which today lies in Pakistan. Mr. Lawrence lost his life in the first war of Indian independence – the sepoy mutiny. This location seems to be the best educational location.
The climate at Lovedale is warm and temperate. The summers here have a great deal of rainfall, while the winters have little. The average temperature here is 14.4 degree centigrade. The driest month is February, warmest month is May and the wettest month is July. . . Because of its location, Lovedale  gets both the monsoon rains.
Lovedale is 5 kms from Ooty  (Udagamandalam) and 16 kms from Conoor. This place has got a quaint little police station and a post office. The valley views are amazing, the sunrises are spectacular – the riot of colors are outstanding. This place is connected by the Mountain Railway Railway system and is just one station away from Ooty (Udhamangalam).
Lovedale railway station is a world heritage UNESCO site… built by the British in 1908. The toy train at this place is a major tourist attraction… in season special extra trains are scheduled to meet the tourist rush! The raw natural scenic beauty attracts people from all over. Few resorts dot this place. The best locale is Hillcountry resorts. Lovedale is a quaint little hamlet town for a quiet little soul refreshing holiday.

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