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LED bulbs for streetlights across State

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“All Streetlights across Karnataka will be changed to LED bulbs and homes will be given LED bulbs at discounted prices (approx. Rs. 100 per bulb). It will save the Government 800 MW and also benefit consumers by way of lower electricity bill”: Energy Minister DK Shivakumar has said.
An LED bulb worth Rs 400 will be subsidized and given at approximately Rs 100. A meeting with LED manufactures is scheduled for October 5 to discuss its distribution and pricing.
Karnataka government will also embark on a plan to replace all the street lights with LED bulbs. Urban local bodies like BBMP will first switch over to energy-efficient LED lighting system. There are approximately 10 to 15 lakh streetlights in the State, including 4.5 lakh in Bengaluru and 65,000 in Mysuru.
A single LED bulb of 7 watt can help in saving Rs 180 in a year.
LED Bulbs also have longer life, generate more illumination, Do not emit heat, consumes 15% of electricity vis-à-vis Halogen lamps and brightens rapidly.

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