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ENERA holds Public Grievance Meet

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Last Wednesday Ejipura New Extension Residents’ Association conducted public grievances meeting at Asha Nilaya, Rama Temple Road in Ejipura. Chandrasekhar, Junior Engineer, BBMP, Rahul,Work Inspector,Venkatesh, garbage contractor, Ejipura ward and his team were present. ENERA President Ravindra Kumar conducted the proceedings.
During the meeting, residents complained about the irregular door-to-door collection of garbage, illegal dumping of debris on the public places, improper street sweeping etc. “Supervisory workers were rude whenever contacting them for keep the area clean”, complained a Suchi Mithra, Ganesh M S and John Felix.
Shankarappa, another member suggested some kind of checks on the working of Pourakarmikas. In reply Contractor Venkatesh assured the residents that he will strive to streamline the working of door-to-door garbage collections.
“The landfill issue is now sorted out by BBMP authorities and in future there will not be any problem for garbage dumping. I have sufficient number of vehicles and manpower so as to execute the work. Any garbage issues, residents can contact me directly. Now segregation of waste into wet and dry are made compulsory at landfill area or else there are problems for us during garbage dumping at landfill area. We need the RWA cooperation in this aspect. Please educate your residents to segregate waste as wet and dry at collection point itself”, Venkatesh added.
Then Chandrasekhar, JE assured to monitor the garbage issues regularly and appealed the residents to contact him directly wherever civic problems arises.
Ravindra Kumar, ENERA President in his address, assured to extend Association support and cooperation in the best interest of local residents “We have already drafted sixteen Suchi Mithra Volunteers exclusively with a view to monitor and supervise the working of Pourakarmikas and prevent illegal dumping of waste at public places. Of course making garbage and plastic free ward is our moto. Suchi Mitra Volunteers are duly authorised by the BBMP and duly issued with BBMP identity cards. There are one or two Suchi Mithra Volunteers in each roads of our area. If needed we will draft more such volunteers”, he added.
Restoration of damaged roads, construction of culverts, fogging for mosquito menace, debris clearance etc., are other civic issues raised by the residents during the meeting.
Ravindra Kumar assured to follow up the issue with BBMP Engineers.
PN Gopal,General Secretary, delivered the vote of thanks.

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