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Nadasurabhi takes Music to schools First group performance at B Mona School

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Nadasurabhi has, during this year undertaken an initiative to “take Carnatic Music to schools”.
It is a proactive programme, wherein we interact with different schools in the locality, highlight the importance of inculcating interest in Indian Classical Music to children in schools.
“Our experience has been greatly satisfactory, as the Principals and administrators of the schools that we have approached, whole heartedly participate in the initiative by taking up special training of children in classical music”, said Raghavan of Nadasurabhi.
One of the first schools we are coordinating with, B Mona High School in Koramangala had trained a set of children from the 2nd to 7th standards, he said.
On Independence Day 2015, Nadasurabhi held a group presentation of music by these children. Nearly 30 children participated.
“We thankfully acknowledge the assistance and encouragement given by the Principal of B.Mona school Moganambal and their music teacher Meera Santhosh who had painstakingly trained the children,” he said.
“We hope that in the months and years to come, this initiative will pick up steam and tens and hundreds of schools will participate in training and displaying the inherent love of all Indians in the Indian Classical Music”, he added.

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