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CM launches new buses

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Airavat Diamond Class: For the first time in the country’s road transport, a city bus with flight safety features and comfort has been launched.
The launch was done by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah along with Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy, recently at  Vidhana Soudha.
Roshan Baig, Minister for Information and Public Relations, Infrastructure Development and Haj, presided over the function.  The chief guests K J George, Minister for Home,  Dr Lohith D Naikar Vice Chairman KSRTC, and others were present.
When KSRTC started Airavat operations for the first time, it acclaims as a prime improver in the medium and long distance travel sector and the same is being continued now.  After introduction of Airavat Club Class, Corporation is upgrading its operations continuously by introducing Airavat Superia and Airavat Bliss services.  The next step is the introduction of Airavat Diamond Class.
Trial Run: Airavat Diamond class buses were taken for trial run by KSRTC for a period of 6 months. These buses were operated between Bangalore-Tirupathi, Secundarabad, Mysore and Chennai Routes and the performance of these buses is good which is confirmed by Corporation Technical Team.
Some of the features:
*Have flight like safety video display to educate passengers on Do’s and Don’ts at the time of emergency
*The interior and outside of the buses are paneled with Aluminum which is fire resistance.
*Battery box and diesel tank are fitted in the middle portion of the buses to avoid fire.
*These buses also have flight like black boxes which records the reason for accident. Six emergency exits have been provided for the safety of the passengers during emergency.
*Twelve hammers are provided for breaking the glasses during the emergency and such facilities are not provided in the buses being operated in other STU`s of the Country.
*Diamond Class buses has a high definition IP Camera with night vision for recording inside the bus during travel in order to ensure safety for women and against theft. 30 days recording helps in monitoring and tracking in case of any eventualities. Such facilities are not provided in the buses being operated in other STU`s of the Country.
*The fire retardant materials are used for the interior portion of the bus to avoid fire.
*The buses are fitted with automated clutch which avoids the fatigue for the drivers which helps reduce stress and concentrate to drive safe.
*The passengers seated in the last seat will experience the comfort of being seated in the first seat.
*Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Systems are fitted in the Diamond Class buses. This helps the passengers to track the location of the buses, Speed at which the buses are operating, Bus stop details, accidents and other major parameters.

Immediate Exits
During the emergency the passengers can easily exit from the bus since the Diamond Class buses are fitted with the emergency door at the rear, two roof hatches and the glasses fitted to the windows are easily breakable.

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