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‘Sad day for democracy’

city kemp

city kemp“We are not against development and urbanisation, but it cannot be at the cost of self destruction. Our primary point of contention is why this project has to be developed on 100 acres of wetlands, that crucially feed into Bellandur lakes. With the lakes being systematically destroyed with sewage & the raja-kaluves (storm water drains) either encroached or filled with sewage, no fresh water is flowing into our lakes. Assuming that BWSSB carries out its mammoth diversion plan for sewage to by pass lakes, you still need fresh water. These wetlands are ideal for discharging STP treated water, whereby the water gets filtered of the NP content and harmful minerals (much like the kidneys in our body) and the filtered water then passes via channels and replenishes the water table. This is crucial to support areas like Bellandur, which hardly get any water supply from BWSSB, and almost entirely reliant on underground water/ tankers. Conversely, a mega SEZ is able to get assured water supply totalling requirement for 3 wards!”
“The project has come up in blatant violation of all environmental and has been criticised in no uncertain terms by the National Green Tribunal bench. Given the damning comments by the bench, the State government, the KSPCB, MOEF should act decisively and revoke all clearances and scrap this project”, he says.
“For the organisation of the peaceful protest rally, we made numerous trips to police station and were given clearances only after providing assurances of no stepping on the street and traffic clearances etc. Despite our abidance with law, the  HSR police were effective in dealing with even a single peaceful protester who stepped on the road (using their jeep to almost step on a few hapless women and children), but had nothing to say to the illegal protesters who were trying to hijack the event without any legal permissions and wilfully occupying one full lane of Sarjapura road, thus disrupting traffic and creating public nuisance”, he says and adds that it was a sad day for democracy.
-Mukund, South East Bangalore Forum for Sustainable Development and former Bellandur Ward Committee member

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