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BWSSB’s long term plans hit for six by Mantri project

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An extent of 40 Acres of Land allotted for STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) under RMP 2015 is part of Mantri project allotment.
In a startling turn of events, residents of Koramangala, HSR layout and Bellandur were aghast to hear that a project that BWSSB has been planning for over 15 years time has been scuttled by the machinations of the real estate lobby.
The BWSSB had been planning a 100 MLD (Million litres per day) Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at the head of the Agara lake. The STP would treat the sewage contaminated water and release the treated water into the wetland opposite Agara.
The wetland, in turn, would convey the treated water into Bellandur, thereby rejuvenating the lake.
The BWSSB plans, however have been stymied by the 40 Acres being taken over by the KIADB and allotted to Mantri Techzone P Ltd as part of the massive mixed use project envisaged in the area.
BWSSB is now planning to pump untreated sewage all the way from Agara to the Bellandur lake outlet zone near Yemalur for treatment.
The problem is that this treated sewage will not be available for Bellandur but only for Varthur lake. Further taxpayer money is going to be used for the totally unproductive task of pumping sewage for many kilometres with the power bill being picked up by the taxpayer. There is also the attendant risk of sewage leakage all along the route.
The real estate lobby’s tentacles have now spread to sabotaging even necessary public projects.
(See Agara SEZ protest report on Page 5)

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