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Kudos to this dedicated Adugodi traffic cop

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city kempAdugodi traffic police, head constable Venkategowda: This dedicated traffic cop will get thumbs up from everyone.
Ravi Sekaran, Bengaluru Traffic Police facebook follower had expressed his opinion towards Adugodi traffic police, head constable Venkategowda’s dedication.
Ravi Sekaran posted the details on April 21. He stated “At St. John’s Hospital signal (Water Tank signal) in Koramangala, there was a mound of mud in the middle of the road, probably left by BBMP/BWSSB or some other department who had dug up the road.
The traffic policeman who was manning this signal quietly took a shovel and made the mound level so as to not inconvenience the motorists.
He didn’t need to do what he did, he didn’t complain or crib about having to do it. He just quietly did what needed to be done. I couldn’t get a picture of his face, but I was very impressed by his action. There are many quiet, unsung heroes in the traffic police department who attend to their duty sincerely. Salutes to all of them!”

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