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When a pet parrot flies away…

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city kempThere is nothing quite like the feeling you get when a pet bird suddenly takes off, flying into the wild blue yonder, while you watch helplessly from the ground below.  Such an incident has happened in Koramangala 6th Block last Sunday.
Snoopy, a four year old talking parrot (cockatiel bird) and a house pet is missing since Sunday morning from the residence of Vasumathi Srinath in Koramangala 6th Block near the Bus Depot.
If anyone finds him please contact -9880185200 / 9945345011.
The cockatiel is a member of the cockatoo family endemic to Australia. They are prized as household pets and companion parrots throughout the world.
Snoopy was purchased by the resident when it was just 3 months old in Shivajinagar area. Since then it has been living with them as one among the family. The bird talks, whistles, imitates, calls my daughter’s name, shakes hand, and even understands Tamil a bit when we correspond to it – “Inge Vaa”, Snoopy Kutty, etc”, says Vasumathi.
“Due to some disturbance at home, the bird flew off suddenly when the door was open and never came back”, she recalls. “Usually the bird is left freely inside and not caged. Once few months back it had flew away. After a search for few days we got the information that the bird had landed in one of our friend’s place near Kalyana Mantap in 6th Block itself and we were able to get it back. But this time we don’t know where the pet has gone. We are scared as the bird is attached to human beings and not to wild and how will it survive without food and water?”, she said.

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