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February Fest concludes on a high note

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City kemp webNadasurabhi carried forward its celebration of music during the weekend with the vocal concert of V Bharat Kumar on Saturday February 21 at the Indian Heritage Academy hall in Koramangala 6th Block.
Nadasurabhi’s Feb Fest 2015 was started with its inauguration by Vidwan Anantha Padmanabha Rao, a prominent musician of Koramangala on February 19 and the first two days report had been published in the previous issue of City Kemp.
Bharat gave an energetic start to the proceedings with a brisk Reethigowla varnam followed by a Nattai Thyagaraja kriti with an impressive swara prastharam. The first important item was a Sankarabharanam piece “Dakshinamurthe”. His neraval and swarams were remarkable. The main item of the day was the Purvikalyani masterpiece of Mysore Vasudevachar , Marachitivenmo. It was given elaborate treatment with detailed raga, neraval and kalpana swaram. It was well appreciated. There was just a single tail piece, a paasuram of Kulasekhara Azhwar, Mannupugazh kosalai, a ragamalika. The accompanying artists, Anand Viswanathan, Adamya and Bhagyalakshmi gave understanding support.
city kemp Purandaradasa Aradhana city kemp web Thyagaraja Aradhana city kemp webSunday, the 22nd was a real celebration day. It all started at 3 pm, when dozens of children with their parents, grandparents and relatives landed in the Indian Heritage Academy Hall. The event was to start only at 4 pm and it did on time. The children were students of Vijaya College of Music trained by Saralaya Sisters. They gave a superbly coordinated, well orchestrated music programme for one hour. They were accompanied by three children on violin. They were students of senior violinist H K Venkatram. Also, there was a mridangam by a boy who was a student of veteran artist H S Sudhindra. The programme filled a hundred hearts with joy.
The children’s programme was followed by a Purandara dasa aradhana when Prof T S Ramaa and her Nadasurabhi students gave a stage presentation of Purandara dasa’s Navarathna malika. The final event of the day was a grand Thyagaraja Aradhana when senior vocalist Neela Ramgopal led a large team of musicians in the presentation of Thyagaraja Pancharathna kritis.
The prasadam that was distributed, with the blessings of the saint composers, was both tasty and sumptuous and was an additional treat to the audience besides the remarkable music itself.

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