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ST Bed Children’s Park regains glory

IMG-20150109-WA0006web IMG-20150109-WA0007webNow the ST Bed Children’ Park on 2nd Main Road looks pretty good – neat and clean.
Thanks to the residents’ initiative under the banner of ST Bed Residents’ Welfare Association who volunteered to gather funds for maintaining the park when the civic authorities failed to do so.
The main contributor
for this purpose is Venugopal. So also Soundararajan, Mr and Mrs Bhusan and other residents have contributed to the cleanup of the park.
“The park was in total bad shape. We got it cleaned, borewell has been restored. Children’s play equipments have to be repaired with welding and painting works. After we replant with new saplings, the park will regain its glory”, said ST Bed Residents’ Welfare Association Secretary Mohanraju.

IMG-20150109-WA0010web IMG-20150109-WA0009webHow it all happened?
It all happened one fine morning two months back when Venugopal,  Mr and Mrs Bhusan and Mohan Raju ST Bed RWA Secretary met and discussed how to maintain the Park. Then ST BED RWA committee members along with residents met at 2nd main Children’s Park to discussed how to bring about a change and make things work. Meanwhile senior citizen Soundararajan volunteered to assist along with his garderner’s expertise. Very soon things changed and the cleaning work did began.
“There has been lot of improvement in short time for everyone to see,” said Bhusan.
“I am just overwhelmed with the way members/residents have responded particularly Venugopal, Soundararajan. I am extremely thankfull to all of them. The park after it has been cleaned, gives us a lovely place to walk in peace and cleanliness. Such a change from our roads!” said Seema Bhusan.
“We can really say now it is healthy park helps to healthy walk, good environment for children and aged people, says Mrs Sanjeevi.
The children’s park now looks very clean and inviting. We find more people especially senior citizens now utlising the park. We should ensure that it is maintained well keeping in mind the safety and convenience of little children and walkers who are the main users of the park,” said Geetha Nadkarni.

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