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Hammer the Nail Menace on ORR

10441180_417650958387830_2703783344164670392_nThe monsoon may fail but the “nail harvest” never fails on the Outer Ring Road.
For this techie Benedict Jebakumar, it is a daily affair to comb off nails on ORR while going or returning to/from his office. Most of the nails are combed off from the road in front of Mantri Sarovar (Opposite to Agara Lake).
On December 30, 2014 he has collected around 2.5 Kgs of same type of nails repeatedly (almost on daily basis) from the ORR stretch between Silkboard and Eco Space. Maybe the culprits could have targeted New Year revellers. And this menace still continues… Identify the root cause of this issue and STOP this activity permanently, say the affected motorists.
Benedict Jebakumar is a systems engineer at a tech company on Outer Ring Road. He has been facing hardship of punctures due to nail menace for the past several months. So he decided to spend a little time every day to pick up nails strewn on the ORR. Not only he brought the attention of the media and police, he is creating awareness among the motorists about such a menace is happening on their route through the facebook -My Road, My Responsibility.
10881521_424231604396432_4646193619373580145_n nail-5web nail6-web Last September, HSR Layout Police did catch a person named Ranganath of Agara who is allegedly responsible to scatter nails on ORR with the intention of puncturing vehicle tyres. In turn he would offer help and repair it at a cost. But this hasn’t solved the problem. The menace is continuing and for Benedict and many others who travel daily on this stretch are facing hardship.
The ‘nail menace’ appears that it is an intention to get vehicle tyres flate allegedly by puncture shop owners located nearby. But when you look on the deeper side it appears like a handiwork of criminals to rob affected motorists.
Certainly this could be the handiwork of more than one person involved in this nail racket. Motorists hope that the police should continue their drive against the nail mafia and nail the culprits. In the meantime, the BBMP and BDA should maintain the roads clean, only then such a menace will come to an end.

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