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Ensuring safety for kids

Home Management, part 28

By Mathangi K Kumar
NGV, Koramangala

Mathangi K Kumar
Mathangi K Kumar

Children are the fire to be lit and not flowers to be kept in a vase! They are the best assets you have, a gift from God. No one would like to see them suffer. Here are some tips through which you can avoid several emergency situations when your children are alone at home and outside.
Children will always be children, their innocence remains with them as they do not know the consequences of certain things which they come face to face in their everyday life.
Do not allow them to operate Microwave oven without supervision.
Have a control over your child’s watching TV and monitor your child’s Internet usage, instead spend some time talking to them by sharing some relevant informative news with them.
Discourage your child from giving personal information to anybody.
Keep sharp objects like scissors, knives, screwdrivers, hammers, sharp edge cutlery out of their reach. Do not work in front of them, children are the best imitators, and they would try to imitate you in your absence. Keep telling them that they are not play things and they are tools which only adults could use.
Keep all medicines like tablets, syrups and solutions away from them.
Don’t allow children to go to washrooms alone in a new place.
Avoid keeping chairs or sofas near open windows, especially if you are living in flats. Unknowingly they might trip and fall. Fasten with windows/doors closing brackets. For sharp edged dining or lounge tables, bed corners, fix rubber based edge protectors.
Keep the matchbox or lighter away from the stove. Do not try to use them in front of them, warn them they cause fire. Never play with these with them.
Never allow them to operate independently on any electrical and electronic gadgets or help you while you work on them. If you find them curious sit with them and explain to them the functioning and the dos’ and don’ts.
Keep the disinfectant / all kind of cleaning agents out of reach. Be sure to close the bottles tightly as the toddlers have the tendency of putting everything in their mouth.
Brief them about strangers, the ‘good touch’ and the ‘bad touch’, and not to accept anything from strangers and they need to take permission from parents. They should never feel embarrassed to raise their voice when they sense danger. Provide a whistle to blow repeatedly to raise alarm. Insist on your kids to remember your contact numbers and addresses. Insist on reporting to you if he/she finds any strange behaviour with any of his/her acquaintances.
Never leave children alone outside near a parking lot, pond, well, pool, broken bridge, footpath or track.
Do not allow them to play near the street.
Make their play area safe by removing trash, sharp branches, tools and anything that might injure them.
Erect a barricade around the transformers, main electrical meter- fixture and air-conditioners.
Do not leave the lawn mowers, garden scissors unattended.
Keep the main gates, garages closed. Install child proof latches.
Insist on children wearing helmets when using tricycles, bicycles, skateboards and roller skates but not while playing on the playground to avoid choking.
Repair, remove or replace the play equipments regularly.
Check the permanent outdoor ground equipments such as swings, merry -go -round, see-saws and climbers.
Be firm in telling your child to stay in school till you pick him /her up.
If your child walks home from school alone, instruct him to use the same path every day.
Teach your child some self-defence techniques like scratching, biting or gouging the eyes of the offender.
Encourage them to hang out in one of their friends’ houses. You can also invite their parents home to know them better.
Everyone knows children are our future, but there is no future for children if we overuse technology.  As parents detach yourself from technology and attach more towards your children. In the absence of parental attachment, detached children can become more aggressive and throw tantrums. Be patient with your children and listen to them if they want to share something with you to win their confidence.
As Kofi Annan, the former Secretary General of the United Nations said, “There is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children. There is no duty more important than ensuring that their safety and rights are respected, that their welfare is respected, that their lives are free from fear and that they grow in peace.”
We should join hands to make an effort for a sustainable future to ensure they have a safe life because today’s children are responsible citizens of tomorrow.

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